Additional COVID19 updates and important information. PLEASE READ

So the good news is that I can confirm that all kits have already arrived this month without issue and I've been busy trying to get as many as I can out the door since they arrived.

US Buyers

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing Pandemic, a substantial shipping backlog at Japan Post and a large reduction in capacity, Airmail and EMS services have been temporarily suspended to the US. Consequently, I'm presently unable to ship there.

The extent of the service reduction is quite substantial. Japan Post have indicated that with their current capacity, it'll take at least 4 months for everything in the backlog to clear Japan. Though note that this is with their current capacity. Shipments to the US primarily enter via ISC LA and ISC NYC. Since both of their respective states are under lockdown, my expectation is that capacity will slowly come back after it ends and services will resume. I'm not expecting to see SAL anytime soon, but I'll continue to bump shipping up as soon as Airmail returns.

If your shipment has already gone out, please remain patient while you wait for it to arrive. I'll keep monitoring the situation to ensure nothing goes missing while waiting. If you have any concerns, you're more than welcome to contact me and I'll certainly look into it for you.

Other Buyers

Australia, Norway, Sweden and Denmark have also had their services temporarily suspended. This suspension was also applied retroactively to shipment still in Japan from the beginning of April. All packages were duly returned by Japan Post without issue. If your package was returned, I will be try to be in contact shortly. If you have an outstanding order, I'll also be in contact.

Aside from these four and the countries mentioned in the previous blog post, I will still continue to process your orders as before. Expect delays in arrival and I'll be in contact if an item is returned or service suspended.

The Path Forward

I have the capacity to hold shipments in the meantime while we wait for services to resume. I'm also going to look into DHL and other courier services as an alternative shipping path. A look at their shipping calculator indicates that it's considerably more expensive than EMS but if there's sufficient demand, I can ask about a corporate account and discount. If this option appeals to you, please let me know.

Surface level shipping is also available to various destinations. Note that this option is not recommended as there is also considerable delays in transit due to backlog (which I suspect will also grow). My expectation is that air services will resume faster than any shipborne transit. However, if you feel the service appeals to you, please contact me so I can arrange it.

Those of you who have orders across different delivery months, I will try to aggregate your orders as best I can while we wait for things to go back to normal.

Please stay safe everyone and you're more than welcome to contact me if you have any problems. I will try to get back to you quickly and try to resolve it to the best of my ability.