About Us

Hi. My name is Joel, I live in Japan and I've been selling P-Bandai and other Limited kits for a few years now on eBay. You can check out my eBay store here, if you like. Over the years I've built up a considerable experience with selling and shipping thousands of kits to dozens of different countries through the eBay platform.

The business has changed quite considerably since when I first started out, and to improve the quality of service available to my customers and to keep the overhead costs lower, I've opened my own online shop separate to eBay. I'm still operating on eBay however, so you're always welcome to purchase from whichever platform you find better suited to your needs. Whether you purchase here or on eBay, I promise the same quality of service.

As a builder and Gunpla fan myself, I'm eager to learn as much about the product I'm selling as possible. While finding the time to build and paint when operating a business can be challenging, I do what I can in my spare time. I'm also happy to share that knowledge with others too. If you have any questions related to the product or shipping, you're always welcome to contact me on any platform upon which I have a presence (though I cannot answer questions about this webstore on eBay for policy reasons).

Thank you and Happy Building!