Another Loser and reissue

As I expected, there's another new P-Bandai kit up on the site that wasn't part of last years EOY announcement. The MG Gundam Deathscythe EW [Rousette Unit] follows from the previous two Glory of the Losers kits from last year and will begin shipping in April. You can check the kit out here.

If the trend continues, I would expect the Sandrock Armadillo to release some time in Q4 this year.

Also following from the Red Zeta reissue from this month, we have that kit's brother, the Gray Zeta, available for May. You can check the kit out here.

IThe box is a little on the large size, so EMS only, unfortunately. But it definitely has a lot of presence with that gun. Seeing both these kits and their popularity in Japan, it also makes me wonder if they have further plans for those GEP HGUC Zeta molds. Would be great to see more 1/144 Zetas...