December's reinforcements have arrived















Just a heads up that December's P-Bandai shipment arrived earlier today. Kits included in this shipment:

HG Sinanju Stein (1st run)

MG Re-GZ Unicorn Ver. (1st run)

HG GN-XIV (Mass Production Type) (1st run)

RG Crossbone X2 (1st run)

HG Silver Bullet Funnel Test Type reissue (1st run)

HG Hrududu II (2nd run)

HG Haze'n-thley II (2nd run)

HG Mudrock (2nd run)

HG Mobile Suit Second V (2nd run)

HG Pale Rider [Space Type] reissue (2nd run)

MG Heavyarms [Igel Unit] (2nd run)

RG Perfect Strike Gundam (3rd run)

HG Strike Freedom Gundam "Wings of Light" DX Edition reissue

HG GM II [AEUG Color] (3rd run)

I'll begin shipping over the next week and try to get everything out before the end of the year. If you have any questions, please contact me.